New ⇁ Molten Pearl Collection

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Mysterious yet striking - pearls are a beacon of light from the water's depths.  ...

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  20% of sales from this collection are donated to Rethink Breast Cancer. On July...

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Earring Backs

4 products

Comfortable and secure, our custom, signature BIKO earring backs are now available for individual purchase. They come...

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Fine Chainlink Series

11 products

  A mini capsule within our State of Flow Collection, BIKO's Fine Chainlink Series introduces...

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State of Flow

58 products

BIKO's State of Flow captures the fusion of energy and mindfulness, when all feels clear...

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The Chainlink Collection

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  Explore our NEW signature Chainlink chains. Available in a large and small chain thickness, each Chainlink...

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The Galina Collection

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  Galina is a Greek word meaning 'calm; windless'. Galina evokes a sense of...

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The Perfect Gift ♡

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We've curated a collection of faves that are surefire winners. We're happy to write a...

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The Sparkle Capsule

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  Put some *sparkle* in your step with a pop of Austrian crystal & pretty...

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